TV Core-ner: “The Walking Dead” – “The Cell” (Season 7, Episode 3) Review



Damn Daryl. Never has being a POW ever looked so good. Just kidding, I always wanted to see Norman Reedus in his birthday suit, just not under these circumstances. All of Daryl’s rebellion just gets him back to square one, but now the full weight of Glenn’s death is weighing down on him. As Dwight tapes a polaroid of Glenn’s remains to the wall, he reminds Daryl that Glenn’s death is his fault.

To be honest, he’s right. If Daryl is about to learn anything, it’s that when it comes to bending to Negan, resistance is futile. The longer he resists, the more physical and emotional torment he will have to endure. My prediction is that Daryl will pretend to break pretty soon, but have to get his hands dirty to truly gain Negan’s trust (think Jon Snow killing Qhorin Halfhand in “Game of Thrones” or Ethan Hawke hitting that crack pipe in “Training Day”).

I predict that Daryl will be saying “Negan” when asked his name soon enough.


There are only two forms of currency in the Cell – points and pu$$y. Point are earned through labor or becoming one of Negan’s sex slaves (strikethrough) wives. If you try to escape, you’re either killed or opt for the iron (which we see Dwight has done). It’s baffling that no one has rebelled against Negan, but when the world has collapsed, you cling to any sort of order you can. It’s undeniable that Negan offers security, even if it comes at a steep price.


I had a feeling that they were going to test if Daryl could be trusted and I was also sure he would fail. Despite my own (accurate) plot intuition, it was still pretty frustrating to witness Daryl being stupid enough to take the bait. Let’s consider if he had made it outside of the compound. Daryl would also have to pick his way through the zombie defense perimeter and risk being spotted on his way back to Alexandria… where they know to go look for him. Like Negan said, dead or alive, Daryl is going to be forced to work for him.


I know that most of us spent all of last season hating Dwight, but some recent clunky exposition has shown us the light. Just like Daryl, he’s a victim of circumstance. He lost the one person he loved in an attempt to protect her. Although Sherry is the one currently banging Negan, everyone here is getting f$%^ed.

When will we be able to order that Glenn polaroid online?

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