TV Core-ner: “The Walking Dead” – “Go Getters” (Season 7, Episode 5) Review


This week, we find a totally alive and still totally pregnant Maggie getting examined by Dr. Carson (no, not Dr. Ben Carson, but that would have been hilarious) at the Hilltop. Despite all of the trauma she has experienced these past few days, Dr. Carson says the baby should be fine as long as she “takes it easy.” Well, in the zombie apocalypse, taking it easy is easier said than done.

Gregory, the leader of The Hilltop, wants Sasha and Maggie out, claiming that Rick & Co. didn’t hold up their end of the bargain by extinguishing The Saviors. Let’s just get one thing straight: Gregory completely misinformed Rick about the number of Saviors there actually were. If they had known there were potentially hundreds, Rick would have been more reluctant to engage with them. Regardless Gregory is a dick for trying to turn away a pregnant lady, especially one who lost her husband as payment for attacking The Saviors.

9 Reasons why Gregory Sucks (in this episode alone):

  1. He tries to send Maggie and Sasha away.
  2. He can’t be bothered to remember anyone’s name. Not only is it insulting, but it’s just lazy. I mean, I get it, he’s a busy man, what with sitting on his ass all day and all.
  3. He’s a creep. Not only does he consider Maggie’s pregnancy “her fault,” but then invites her to have a “one on one” chat with him.
  4. He steals Herschel’s pocket watch off of Glenn’s grave. Just when you thought he couldn’t be more of a douche.
  5. He betrays Maggie and Sasha within 45 seconds of The Saviors’ arrival. Thank goodness Jesus had the brains to hide them in a different room altogether.
  6. During the attack on Hilltop, he sits idly by while Sasha, Maggie, and Jesus took care of the Walkers,  the blaring music, and broken gate.
  7. He kneels in front of Trevor Simon, but he treats his position as head Savior like a complete wuss. It’s clear that Gregory should have never been in charge in the first place.
  8. He would have sold Rick & Co. a long time ago if he had any plausible deniability. The only thing saving the survivors is the fact that Gregory knows he will be punished too if he talks.
  9.  He probably would have voted for Trump.

Really, all this episode was good for was underscoring what we already knew. Maggie is a bad bitch.


Canid or Enarol

I don’t know what’s stupider — Enid trying to walk to the Hilltop alone, Carl smashing that car just to impress her, or them finding roller skates in their size. But I get it. In these dark times we need a little immature, light-hearted fun. It’s just pretty awkward that Carl and Enid’s dates always end with “Hey look, a bunch of zombies!” or “Hey look, it’s the guys that killed a bunch of our friends!” As they arrive at the Hilltop, Carl informs Enid that he had ulterior motives for escorting her to meet Maggie – he wants a chance to kill Negan. Given that we saw how shitty his aim has gotten at the beginning of the episode, we don’t have high hopes for a successful mission. They share a quick kiss before parting ways. I really don’t think this show has any room for an angsty teenage romance, so I think we’ve got only a few more scenes like this before they’re donezo.

Oh yeah, Alexandria
At Alexandria, Rick & Co. have geared up to go on their first scavenging mission for the Saviors. Michonne is reluctant, so she decides to stay behind and look over the community. Rick doesn’t like the arrangement either, but doesn’t want to bring the wrath of Negan down over the group. I mean, we all know that eventually the Survivors are going to fight Negan, it’s just a matter of when. Until that moment Michonne accepts that they need to play nice.

Future Episode Predictions

  1. Enid dies. I think we are all over her whole wandering the woods alone act. Plus her death would push Carl in an even darker direction, giving us the full-on pyscho Carl the Killer we have all been waiting for.
  2. Carl fails at assassinating Negan. But Negan will think it’s kewt and take Carl under his wing for a few episodes. Rick will find out and be furious/scared/grateful upon Carl’s return. Negan will then hang his mercy over Rick’s head for a while.
  3. Maggie becomes the leader of the Hilltop. I’m pretty sure Gregory is going to die soon, hopefully in some cliche “I tried to save myself, but ended up getting myself killed instead” way.
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