1. Definitely agree with y’all on your views of Nosedive. I do disagree just a bit as far as Playtest. I think that the episode was trying to touch on today’s obsession with VR and that kinda stuff. I too kept calling that dude Bronn on episode 3 lol I felt really bad for the teenager until they reveal that he was looking at child pornography. OMG I had no noticed how sinister that scene with the little girl was until Greg brought it up in this podcast. Episode 4 is my favorite. I loved it. But that’s mostly because I love the 80s. This episode is the farthest that I’ve gotten this season so I did have to pause y’all until I watch the last 2 lol Enjoyed listening to y’all 🙂

  2. Thanks for the love!!

  3. Hope you dig their breakdown of the last two episodes!

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